Gallery Proposal Rules

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Gallery Proposal Rules

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When posting a gallery proposal please be sure to use the Layout required along with your post. Posts without this layout will be given 24 hours to fix the original thread before it is moved to the garbage. The Layout is found below.

 [color=lightblue][b]Font:[/b][/color] Font used in creation, if the font doesn't come default on your computer please post a link to were the font can be downloaded.
    [color=deepsea][b]Font Size:[/b][/color] Font size used in creation.
    [color=lightblue][b]Blank Image[/b][/color] Here link to a blank version of your creation that can be edited.
    [color=deepsea][b]Creation File:[/b][/color] Here you can link to a PSD, Gimp file ect. [b]OPTIONAL[/b]

In order to have your images remain online for the longest time possible, Don't upload them with photobucket. Photobucket often ends up removing images from their website online, and so the images will go offline in all themes and forums (to elaborate, photobucket removes images after a certain amount of time on free accounts which makes the images show an ugly photobucket graphic. Also, if your graphics become to popular, then photobucket will often put up an out of bandwidth graphic).

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