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Pixel Images Rules

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- The right to use the free forum will be granted based on compliance with this regulation.
We reserve the privilege to revoke that right (regardless of age or number of messages) if it considers this necessary.

- At the time of registration is deemed to have read these rules and are 100% agree with what is written here. If you are already registered when display rules, posting further action is a tacit acceptance of its content, whether you read it or not.

- Violation of rules presented here lead to sanctions from a warning, to block access to a specific period or even ban your account.

1. Are prohibited: attack the person offending in any form of forum members, use of obscene words, threatening, abusive or indecent, inappropriate or offensive behavior, harassment and messages intended to provoke other users. Requires civilized behavior against previously expressed ideas and not people who have posted.

2. Before looking for the best writing category or topic for your messages to avoid double posting of the same topic or writing your message wrong. Please use the search function.

3. Please use an appropriate title when you open a topic (especially one which emphasized the theme topic). Avoid or incomplete titles like "lol", "question" or "CAUTION".

4. To avoid repeating the arguments, especially for long discussions, we suggest to always read the whole topic before posting a reply.

5. Please do not respond to off-topics and do not post in topics that probably will be deleted. Posts like "first page" or "I wrote in this topic" is prohibited.
Please post responses that relate to the topic. If you can not give a precise answer to the topic is best not to post anything. This is especially true on short positions and irrelevant.
Discussions should be held between only two users via internal messaging, not the forum.

6. Do not use bold colors sites or because they are reserved for staff.

7. Check the text before posting. Thus you can ensure that is easy to read and can be understood by other members of the forum. Repeated violations of this rule may result in a warning.

8. It prohibited the creation and use of "clones" (multiple accounts for the same user). Registering and using multiple accounts may result in suspension of all accounts.
Create an account to bypass a sanctions brings ban from clone (and of further) and 3-day suspension main account. (This period is added over the page)

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